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Keipen in Balestrand


Join us on a marvellous hiking adventure to Keipen in Balestrand!

Keipen in Balestrand

Experience spectacular Keipen in Balestrand. The trip goes from the fjord to the high mountains, and gives a spectacular view of the Sognefjord with the fjord arms Vetlefjorden and Fjærlandsfjorden and the beautiful Fjærland mountains.

Experience a journey from fjord to mountain with botanical diversity and the best views in the area!

Good to know (length, slope, terrain, views, requirements, equipment, etc.):

The trip goes from the fjord up the highest mountain in the area and stops at several beautiful viewpoints. The terrain is not technically difficult, but the trip is in gradually steep terrain, and we recommend solid mountain shoes with good support for the ankles. It is a good idea to bring poles with you for the return.

Clothing that is suitable for trips in the high mountains must be brought - even if it is hot and summer by the fjord, you can encounter completely different conditions in the mountains. Make sure you can stay dry and warm - and during breaks. Bring a solid lunch, enough drinks and extra clothes. Check the Weather condition on - Do not walk if there is strong wind, a lot of rain or fog.

Tour description

The trip starts at the information board in Esebotn. Follow the tractor road on the west side of the field. Then the path continues up towards Yglebotn. Just over a kilometer into the valley, you have to cross the river. This is difficult before the snow has melted. Be prepared to wade. After the river crossing, the path continues into the magnificent Yglebotn, on the old path to the mountain ridge in Langedalen. When you pass the stone with the year "1885" engraved, take the path to the right that goes steeply up towards Gulleplestølen. The trail continues on the east side of Gulleple, and further up southwest of Bjønnabreen Glacier (1400). From Bjønnabreen Glacier you get a good view west from the highest point. Follow the distinctive ridge to the east to Keipen, where you get a view straight down to Sværefjorden and Esefjorden. Follow the same ridge back towards the glacier, and turn north / northwest towards the cairns. You have to pass a small piece of the glacier. NB: in summer and autumn there can often be new, invisible ice on the glacier, so be careful and examine the surface before going out. You come on the north side of Øvre Trollabotnvatn. The path follows down towards Dalsdalsvotni, where you pass the small cabin Erlingsbu. The cabin is open and you seek shelter if the weather is bad or you need to take a break. Follow the marked path from Dalsdalsvotni, down past the small mountain farm Påfunn and through the forest to the parking lot in Dalsdalen.

If you want a lighter variant of the trip to Keipen, you can start and end in Dalsdalen (300 masl).

Season: June - September

Small groups - great nature!

On tours with the guide company Norgesguidene, there is a maximum of 8 guests per. mountain guide

It ensures good contact and dynamism in the group, and the opportunity to be present along the way so that one can absorb all the impressions from nature.


Attendance: Tour starts at 08:30 from Kviknes Hotel.

The trip is a total of 12-14 km long, and has an altitude difference of almost 1500 measured depending on where you go.

This is a long and physically demanding trip, but the nature experience is correspondingly magnificent!

On the day of the tour, there is an attendance and departure from Kviknes Hotel at 08.30. From here we drive in private cars a short distance to the starting point of the trip. The trip takes about 10 hours. 

Advice for hikers

Bring plenty of food and drink.

Bring extra warm, wind and waterproof cloth.

Stick with the people you go with - never leave anyone.

Help us take care of our nature! Please bring all your boss back with you. Throw it in the boss buckets in the parking lots.

Tent pitches and toilet visits must be below the path and well away from streams.


The starting point in Esebotn is 4 kilometers from Balestrand along fv55, in the direction of Dragsvik.

Accommodation in Balestrand

Guided tour with spectacular view over the Sognefjord, mountains and fjord village Balestrand. Experienced guides bring you from fjord-level to the top of the fjords!

Book now 

About the hike

You will be guided by experienced guides. Make sure you are properly dressed for a day in the mountains and wear hiking shoes.  Bring warm clothing(this includes a hat and gloves), food and something to drink for a one day hike. To make sure everyone get the full experience, we allow a maximum of 8 persons per hike per guide. The hike is 12-14 km. long with an altitude of nearly 1.500 m. It's a long and physically demanding hike, but you will be rewarded with a spectacular view over the Sognefjord! The hike will last for 10-11 hours.

Departure: On request

Meeting/information: at Kviknes Hotel, Balestrand at 08:30 am 


Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Keipen in Balestrand


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