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Kjerringøy & Nordfjord Cruise - Bodø

Experience Majestic Fjords and Historical Kjerringøy Explore the spectacular highlights of the Bodø region on an unforgettable half-day tour with Brim Explorer and our hybrid-electric boats. This tour seamlessly combines natural beauty, history, and culture into one incredible journey.

After departing from Bodø, we sail along the rugged coastline. Here, you can admire the impressive Landegode Mountain and the photogenic, narrow beach at Hovsundet.

Next, we sail into Mistfjorden, which sometimes lives up to its misty name. At the end of the fjord, it splits into two, and we navigate into the narrow Nordfjord, where mountains rise up to 800 meters high on both sides. This fjord lies entirely within an untouched and uninhabited area within the boundaries of Sjunkhatten National Park, providing a powerful impression of the mountain range's scale.

We then continue to Kjerringøy, where we disembark. A 10-minute walk through a lush forest takes us to the fantastic Kjerringøy trading post. This 19th-century trading post features several well-preserved buildings and beautiful old wooden boats. Wander around the open-air museum and imagine how life was here 200 years ago.

On the return journey to Bodø, you can purchase food and drinks while enjoying the unobstructed views over the Vestfjord.

Source: Visit Bodö


Kjerringøy & Nordfjord Cruise - Bodø

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