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Kvennavegen is an easy roundtrip at the roadless community at Mogen, Hardangervidda.

Kvennavegen is an easy walk on pram-friendly gravel and plank roads to
the eroded rocks and bathing place by River Kvenna.

The path you find by taking MB Fjellvåken from Skinnarbu to Mogen.

You will have great views over the mountain farm Argehovd in the foothills of the Hardangervidda plateau.

Learn about life at Møsstrond through the years from the information boards along the way. Listen to the "talking post" to learn about life here today.

Start the trip at the Mogen Turisthytte (cabin) and follow the village road towards Argehovd. After the bridge at Hellegjuvbekken take a left along the dirt road that runs parallel to the stream.

After about 100 m turn right and follow the path towards Kvenna. From there follow the rocks along the river before turning right and crossing the marsh using the plank road, ending up on the village road. Follow the village road back to Mogen.

Source: Visitrjukan AS



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