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La Dolce Vita

Since its opening in December 2023, La dolce vita, a cozy café and gelateria, has brought a taste of Italy to Narvik. This charming spot not only serves authentic Italian coffee and delightful gelato but also offers a tempting selection of desserts and savory dishes, paired perfectly with a curated choice of fine wines.

Stepping into La dolce vita feels like a mini Italian getaway, with the aroma of espresso and sweet gelato creating an inviting atmosphere. The menu features flavorful Italian dishes and exquisite desserts that showcase the country's culinary richness. The carefully chosen wine list complements the experience, adding a touch of sophistication to your visit.
Whether you're in the mood for a quick coffee or a sweet treat, La dolce vita promises a taste of the sweet life right in the heart of Narvik. Indulge and let this little piece of Italy charm you with its delectable offerings and warm ambiance.

Opening hours:
Monday 9/18
Tuesday 9/18
Wednesday 9/18
Thursday 10/19
Friday 10/19
Saturday 10/19
Sunday closed

Source: Visit Narvik AS


La Dolce Vita

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