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Lutchfood kafé - Haugesund

Lutchfood is a family owned coffee shop in Haugesund. Lutchfood offers a large selection of coffee, donuts and lunch. The coffee shop have a very Instagram-friendly decor.

Welcome to Lutchfood

Lutchfood is located at Bytunet, Haraldsgata 177. The café offers delicious doughnuts, both filled, topped and plain. There are always over 20 varieties of donuts in the counter. Caramel popcorn, cookie monster, marshmallow, oreo, nonstop, strawberry and filled with nutella are some of the many favourites.


Lutchfood has the city's largest selection of coffee - espresso, americano, cappuccino, café latte, cortado to flavoured latte with caramel, mocha, white mocca, chilli, vanilla and many more. Signature coffee drink is Pink dream, pink latte w/ vanilla flavor, topped with cream. In addition, there are of course all varieties such as iced coffee. Lutchfood also has the city's best selection of iced tea. Some of the favourites are Just peachy, Lemon squeezy, Tropical breeze and passionfire. All coffee and iced syrups are for sale in the café.

Lunch and pastries

Delicious homemade lunch food are also available in a large selection. Everything from homemade horns with prawns, horns with cheese/ham, chicken BLT to pasta salad, broccoli salad etc. Freshly baked vanilla buns, cinnamon buns and other sweet pastries can also be found on the counters, in addition to a good selection of sweet cakes.


Lutchfood also delivers sandwiches to both private and corporate customers. Afternoon tea can be ordered both as catering and for dining in the café. You can find more information about Lutchfood on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or You're welcome!

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet


Lutchfood kafé - Haugesund

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