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Mære church

Mære Church is a granite church in Romanesque-Norman style from the early Middle Ages (1100) seating 250, and is located on a pre-Christian cult place as described in the sagas. Mære Church was erected on the same site where the old god temple stood. Many dramatic events connected to the temple occurred in the conflict between old and new beliefs. St. Olav demanded that a church was built over the temple. The current Mære Church, from the 12th century, is one of the many stone churches that were built in the years after Olav fell at Stiklestad.

The church has undergone several changes over the years. Today's appearance is from the 17th century, while the last extensive restoration took place in the period 1966-1969. Mære Church has a lot of valuable inventory: A 13th century Christ crucifix and several chairs from the 15th century, while the altarpiece and the pulpit is from the mid 17th century.

Open church Summer 
Jun - Aug: 10 - 17 every day except Saturdays

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Mære church

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