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Mølen in Brunlanes is a national treasure and one of Larvik's most popular attractions.

Mølen is Norway's largest beach of pebbles, and it is a part of Vestfoldraet: the terrain left behind after the end of the most recent Ice Age 10.000 years ago.

The cultural landscape of Mølen, with its total of 230 cairns from the Iron Age, is one of the most majestic landscapes in Norway. The area has 16 large cairns, many up to 35 metres in diameter, with almost 200 small cairns in rows parallel to the shoreline. The cairns probably served as "sea markers" along the shipping lanes between different trading centres. This, combined with its striking natural beauty and position on the edge of the sea, makes it a must-see when visiting the area.

You can enjoy a lovely view of the sea at Mølen, and also study the beautiful type of stone called larvikite, a speciality for the Larvik area. There are actually more than 100 different types of rock at Mølen, and a total of 316 different bird species has also been found.
The arrival and departure of the migratory birds is a real treat for visitors. Twice a year the migrants visit wonderful Mølen, heading north in springtime and eventually heading back south when autumn looms.

In the summer of 2008 Mølen was officially made into an UNESCO Geopark Area.

If you want to get to Mølen by walking, the coastal path is easily accessible from either Helgeroa or Nevlunghavn.

Welcome to Mølen!

Source: Visit Larvik



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