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Marifjell and Nordåsen

Marifjell / Nordåsen known for brilliant ski slopes and a long ski season!

In recent years, there has been up to two meters of snow on top and skiing all the way out in the month of May.

This trip is naturally most suitable for cross-country skiing, but if you want to go your own way to the top, both top skiing, mountain skiing and snowshoeing are a good alternative. At the top there is a small lookout tower with a wide view of Romerike and Hadelandsåsen, as well as a cabin you can seek refuge in on cold and windy days.

To check pre-registrations, the mobile app Skisporet, possibly ‘Nannestad og Bjerke løypekjørerlag’ is recommended on Facebook.

Parking area at Nordåsen Ski Stadium in Nannestad Municipality. Take the E6 to Jessheim (exit 50 or 51), and take the E16 towards Gardermoen and Hønefoss. Take the E16 towards Maura at Åmålkrysset. Drive through Maura and straight ahead at the next roundabout. Turn left right after Esso. Follow Holkebyvegen upwards 1.5 km, to a roundabout (turning point for the bus). From here you drive about 5 km along the forest road past a barrier (tolled) and past Nordåsen ski stadium, up to the large ski car park.

From here it is well signposted with maps and several possible routes to the top.

Google Maps, parking link

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Marifjell and Nordåsen

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