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Motorhome parking in Jørpelandsvågen

Jørpeland motorhome parking is centrally located at the end of Jørpelandsvågen in Ryfylke. It is a short distance to restaurants, shops, and hiking trails.

For more information about the town center, please visit or Ryfylkebyen Jørpeland on Facebook.

From the motorhome parking area, there are buses available to Preikestolen parking.

Jørpelandsvågen serves as the starting point for urban mountains and Jørpelandsholmen. Examples of tours include Tunglandsfjellet, Selemork, and along the river to the salmon stairs.


Number of spaces: 22

Price: NOK 155

Electricity: NOK 51

Water refill: Yes

Toilet disposal: At Notvik rest area a little south on Fv 523

Toilet: Yes

Shower: Yes, NOK 10

Other: Washing machine and tumble dryer, NOK 30 each

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Motorhome parking in Jørpelandsvågen

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