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Museum of Comic art Norway

Experience the Museum of Comic Art in Brandbu
In this 1000 sq. m space, there are 200 000 books, comics, toys, games, and more in rooms in which you can escape to a different time and place. There are exhibitions focusing on radio and newspaper history, a railway room, and toys. Hadelandsgården – the old newspaper premises – has become a time machine. The museum is unique in a national and Nordic context.

Its permanent exhibition comprises a large number of original comics by Norwegian and international artists and comics creators. There are 777 Norwegian comics with bibliographic information on display. In addition, there are approx. 2 000 comics-related artefacts, and 10 “rooms” bringing renowned characters to life, such as:

- Scrooge McDuck's office with a vault door and the installation "Tidsanden".
- The Piranha Club with various activities for visitors. This is the haunt of the father of all fraudsters, with bar, casino, and the piranha fish Ernie.
- A water room with “living” fish that focuses water used as theme in comics throughout the ages.
- Gyro Gearloose's workshop with numerous inventions.
- Maritime library with a Captain Haddock statue and Tintin bust. 

Toy museum. 
The exhibitions feature dedicated display cases with numerous toys linked to Western comics, super & science fiction, crime & horror, humour for children and humour for adults, Disney, The Phantom, older comics, war comics, American humour series, sport/jungle series, knight series, European series, Disney/ American film-related series, more recent Norwegian series, series aimed at girls, and more. 

Reading room. 
On the walls are information on historical comics and comics creators as well as drawings and original issues. Old newspaper production equipment is also on display, reminiscent of the time the building was home to the newspaper ‘Hadeland’.

And lots, lots more!
Please see the Museum of Comic Art’s own website for more information on what there is to see and do.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Museum of Comic art Norway

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