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Myrvold Gård

Take a trip to Huglo island, taste the farms many exciting products and visit the garden which has exotic birds and reptiles.

Welcome to Myrvold farm.

The farm is located on a small island named Huglo.

The island lays in central Sunnhordland, with the Hardanger fjord on one side and the Langenuen sound with ferry connections to Stord and Tysnes on the other.

At Myrvold you can see approximately 24 different animal species and about 100 animals, varying a little according to season. You will find most of the traditional farm animals and many exotic birds and reptiles. Kid goats arrive early in the year, lambs in April / May. There are piglets at regular intervals and the anual calves accompany their mothers on the pasture.

If you are their guest you will achieve close contact with the animals that you dare to greet.

There is a cosy little café, where they serve new baked rolls, buns, breads and other treats. On some days they bake and serve pizza from the wood fired stone oven. Adjacent to the café they have a farm shop where you can taste and purchase items and products that they produce from the farms resources.

Huglo is not so large that one cannot find their way here, even if it is their first visit.

There are fine and prepared bathing beaches and you can find both marked and unmarked footpaths and destinations to suit most people both on land and on the water.

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland

Myrvold Gård

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