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Old Svinesund bridge to Hjelmkollen

Car walk with a stunning view over Norway and Sweden - Europes most beautiful Border Crossing

Easily accessible viewpoint on Hjelmkollen.

The walk up to Hjelmkollen is only a kiliometer long with 70 m vertical total. You should calculate 15 minutes to the top and 10 minutes back down. The views are stunning both from Halden, old and new Svinesundsbro and Hvaler.
The tour starts at the car park at the old customs station at Svinesund terrace / Old Svinesundsbridge, see picture. The sign "Kyststi" marks and / or wooden signs. Follow the gravel road for about 100 meters and turn left on the trail into the dense forest. There is an old carriage with fairly steep climb up the Blåsopp farm.

On top of the hill turn right through the farm and follows wide gravel road further up. At the end of the road you find signs and maps of the military history of Hjelmkollen, and if you have a flashlight, you can walk through the bunker up to the top to the viewpoint. From the top you see Norway's tallest building, The Naxan tower, entrance to Halden city and the fortress. In the opposite direction, you get a panoramic view of old and new Svinesundsbro and expiration of Iddefjorden against Hvaler. The tour is suitable for children, bring a flashlight to the bunker. There are benches and tables so you can enjoy both the view and a meal at the top.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Halden Turist

Old Svinesund bridge to Hjelmkollen

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