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Oleana – really made in Bergen

Oleana Knitwear- Multi Awarded Norwegian design and quality, 100% local production at our own factory in Ytre Arna, Bergen

A warm welcome to Oleanas own trademarkshop , located at Strandkaien in Bergen, right across the street from the fishmarket and the touristinformation. Oleana put its pride in using all justifiable ecological fibres like wool, merinowool, silk and alpakka.

 In the shop, you will find both Oleana Classic design (Solveig Hisdal) and the new contemporary collection (Matilda Norberg)  Here you will receive highly qualified personal service to help you find the right garment that fits you perfect and make you blossom.

A garment from Oleana could last for generations, given the right care and love.

Explore the universe of Oleana Knitwear made locally and to last for a lifetime.

If you have time to dedicate visit, our factory!

How to get there:

Option 1: Take the train from Bergen railway station to Arna station (7 minutes.). Then continue by bus no. 91 from Arna Terminal (right outside the station) to Ytre Arna Sentrum (10 minutes.).

Option 2: Take bus from Bergen to Åsane terminal (20 minutes.) From Åsane terminal take bus no. 91 to Ytre Arna Sentrum (19 minutes.)

Source: Visit Bergen


Oleana – really made in Bergen

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