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Onglanuten - hike in Suldal

The hike to Onglanuten (760 masl) in Suldal, Ryfylke, is a great hike for the whole family. Stop by Perskårfossen waterfall for a refreshing shower.

Onglanuten is close to Gullingen Tourist Centre, which is a popular hiking area with many marked hiking trails. In winter, it is a popular skiing area, both for downhill and cross-country skiing.

How long is the hike to Onglanuten?

The hike to Onglanuten is a moderately demanding and family-friendly hike. The hike is a total of 7 kilometres and 227 metres in altitude. You should allow around 3 hours for the hike, without breaks.

How to get to Onglanuten?

Exit the road Rv 13 and take the road Fv 632 towards Blåsjø. You can park at Neikjen, which is the roadside car park when you cross the plateau after the climb up towards Gullingenfjellet mountain, or at the car park near the turn-off to Gullingen Tourist Centre.

When is the season for Onglanuten?

The season for the Onglanuten hike is from May to the end of October.

Tour description

The hike to Onglanuten (760 masl) is suitable for the whole family.

From the car park, follow the road up towards Stavastolen, before taking off on the path that takes you on a round trip around Skute. The route follows a marked trail through forest terrain, and then on to high mountain terrain. When you are north of Svartavatnet lake, take the easiest route up to the top of Onglanuten.

At the top there is a Nutfant book and you can enjoy the view towards Suldalsdalføret and Sand.

On the way back, stop by Perskårfossen waterfall for a refreshing shower!

You can also hike up by Perskårsfossen for a shorter, but more demanding, hike.

Important info for the hike

Wear good shoes and bring warm clothes

Remember food and drink

You can spend the night in a hammock in the summit cabin

Packing list for hiking - and everything else you need to know about hiking in Western Norway

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Onglanuten - hike in Suldal

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