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Sogndal Skisenter - Cross country skiing

Sogndal Skisenter Hodlekve is about 15 minutes drive from Sogndal center. The ski center is high up, so it is very snow-sure!

Sogndal Skisenter prepare the trails every day when the snow is in place. In Løysløypa which is 5 kilometers, you can use the whole day if you want. And with a headlamp, you can do the same in the 10 kilometer trail. 

The cross-country trails to the ski center are snugly located in close proximity to several of the rental cabins and parking spaces. Even if you are in the mountains, the trails are in a terrain that is protected from a lot of wind, the mountain birch also takes hold and does a job so that you can walk in peace without too much wind.

It's mostly like a heard mountain birch cheering on you when you come whizzing in either good drive or a leisurely pace. Our trails are located in terrain that is easy to move around in. One does not need to be a world champion to benefit from the cross-country trails in Hodlekve. There are many who have had their first stake roofs here in the forest. Not only the last 50 years, but also all the way back to the time when Birkebeinarane lived here.  

It's time to let your thoughts flow when you are skiing with us, we want you to have a good time.

Hungry or thirsty after the trip? Welcome to the cafe in Dalalåven. 

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Sogndal Skisenter - Cross country skiing

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