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Svartisen glacier

Engenbreen, part of Svartisen, is a popular hiking destination when traveling along Kystriksveien. You will come close to the mighty glacier. An area with great hiking opportunities and the ultimate trip is of course is a guided glacier walk.

What to do at Svartisen

The very best way to experience the glacier is to join a letter walk with a guide. There are several companies who offer glacier walks. 

A glacier walk lasts for about 5 hours and half of the time you are up on the glacier itself. The tour requires normal good physical shape. The guide will customize the tour to the group.

Most people just go up to the edge of the glacier. That is a one hour walk from the dock. The last part of the walk is on the mountain and and a bit steep. The rest of the hike goes on a dirt road and you can rent a bike at the quay to shorten the trip.

20 minutes from the quay is Brestua, servering waffles, lunch and dinner. If you choose not to walk all the way up to the glacier you will find this area plesant for shorter walk. The view from here is also breathtaking as you are close to the glacier itself. 

How to get to Svartien

You take a boat from Holandsvika which lies along Fv17 - Kystriksveien. Holandsvika is located 13 km north of Halsa. The boat trip takes only 10 minutes and is a beautiful crossing of the fjord. See schedule and more information her. 

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Svartisen glacier

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