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The restaurant Villa Rosehagen at Jørpeland


Villa Rosehagen is beautifully situated in a large garden in the centre of Jørpeland, Ryfylke. Here you can enjoy local food with nice views of the fjord.

Villa Rosehagen, the Rose garden, is a nice meeting place for the whole family. The restaurant serves mostly local food, and the dishes are made with respect and love. You can enjoy dinner, lunch, cakes and pastries in the cozy living rooms or in the large garden with sea views.

Historic villa

The beautiful wooden house was built as the operations manager's residence for Stavanger Steel in 1912. The historic villa is called "Grahamshuset", and is named after operations manager George Marlow Graham who worked at the steelworks from 1924 until his death in 1956. At that time the house was a nicer home in a small industrial area, with big social differences. 

Beautiful rose garden

Today there is a collection of around 120 different types of roses in the garden. During flowering, it smells fantastic, and it is a beautiful sight together with the beautiful fjord view. There is also a sculpture park with steel sculptures in the garden. 

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


The restaurant Villa Rosehagen at Jørpeland


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