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Visit 10 great mountain tops in Tokke. For more information contact the tourist office in Dalen.

Visit 10 mountain peaks in Tokke during the summer, take a photo and tag #visitdalen #titopperstokke and you can win a gift card, 

The 10 selected hikes to mountain peaks in 2020 are: 

✅ Gløstøylnuten
✅ Trisetnibba
✅ Visåsskarvet
✅ Kalddalspiggen
✅ Eirefjell
✅ Piggnut
✅ Berhomsfjell
✅ Tjørnesvikfjellet
✅ Oftefjell
✅ Lauviktoppen

Contact the tourist office for hike description and map before you head out. 

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Vest Telemark


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