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Utladalen, Årdal


This classic and very popular walk passes through the Utladalen valley from Hjelle to Vettisfossen waterfall.

In the valley, you pass four impressive waterfalls, before arriving at the wonderful Vettisfossen waterfall at the head of the valley. With a free fall of 275 metres, it is Norway's biggest free, unregulated waterfall.

Utladalen Naturhus at the starting point for the walk at Hjelle is a nature centre with information, exhibitions and a film about the natural and cultural history of the West Jotunheimen area. Despite Utladalen being one of the deepest valleys in Norway, it still offers great access to nature experiences.

Folkevegen, a narrow gravel road from Hjelle to Vetti farm, is the classic choice of route. There is a path from Vetti farm to the foot of Vettisfossen waterfall. This route is also one of the gateways into the Jotunheimen mountains, and walkers in the Utladalen area can choose between many different routes into Jotunheimen National Park, one of the most popular areas in Norway for hill walking.

Alternative 1:Hjelle – Vetti – Hjelle

Alternative 2: Hjelle – Vetti – Vettisfossen– Vetti – Hjelle

Walking map: Årdal walking map

Starting and finishing point: Hjelle

Parking: Car park at the foot of Hjellefossen waterfall

Waymarking: Information board at the car park

Altitude difference: Alt. 1: 75–320 metres.

Alt. 2: 75–360 metres.

Total time: Alt. 1: 3.5 hours there and back

Alt. 2: 4 hours there and back.

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Last updated: 06/20/2023

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Utladalen, Årdal


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