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Viewpoint Flaksjølihøgda(1,5 km)

This is a short walk from Spidsbergseter Resort Rondane where the whole family is able to join. The reward is a beautiful panoramic view at the top of "Flaksjølihøgda" 1112 meter above sea-level. The tour goes along a nice and mostly dry trail in an open mountain landscape – leading up to what is the alpine ski slope in the winter.

Cross the graveled road above Spidsbergseter Hotel and follow the trail slightly to the right with the mountain in front of you. The trail is distinct and easy to follow. There might be some wet parts but it should be possible, most of the time, to keep your feet dry all the way also in a pair of sneakers. The tour up to the top takes about 30 minutes from the doorstep at the hotel; you should calculate the same amount of time going back. The trail is parting in to many different smaller paths on the top and it's possible to extend the tour going north towards "Kvanndalen" or northwest towards "Svarthammaren". For the youngest the top is probably the main goal of the tour and there are many nice stone slabs to sit down on and enjoy your lunch while taking in the view. Take the same route back or make it a little bit more exciting and find your own path down to the graveled road. When reaching the road, take to the left and you will get back to the hotel in a short walk.

Maps «sommerturer Venabygdsfjellet» and «Venabygdsfjellet» is to be bought in the reception at the hotel. There are also maps for the game "Stolpejakten" where this route is marked.

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Viewpoint Flaksjølihøgda(1,5 km)

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