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Length: 10,000 steps

Follow in the footsteps of Craig and Natalie, an adventurous young English couple, both 31, who love to travel and indulge in new culinary experiences. Natalie also enjoys sewing and cooking, and Craig has a thing for boats. Craig and Natalie should definitely feel right at home in Tromsø. The city offers a mix of cultural events, museums, outdoors activities, and restaurants that serve arctic delicacies.

The city centre is compact and quite easy to cover. Tromsø has its own guide for people with reduced mobility. Although there is still room for improvement, it is still possible for wheelchair users to get around and take part in lots of activities. In general, airlines, trains, buses, ferries and most modern museums in Norway are accessible for everyone. And hey, if you ride the Fjellheisen cable car, you will be the fastest one up Mount Storsteinen, so you can enjoy even more of the panoramic view!

There are many tour providers who will happily accommodate guests with accessibility issues, including Northern Lights tours in the wild! The best spots for hunting northern lights are far from any light pollution. If you are more a city cat, you can try to catch the aurora borealis and see stunning views of the city from one of Tromsø's rooftop bars. 

There are many interesting museums, art galleries and experience centres within walking distance of the city centre.The Arctic experience centre Polaria is the perfect place to learn more about the raw and unique wildlife in the region, and meet some of its cutest inhabitants. 

If you visit Tromsø in summertime, you may be astonished to learn that the sun never sets. The midnight sun makes Tromsø a playground for visitors 24 hours a day. Have you ever been on a mountain hike in the middle of the night? Now's your chance!


Length: 7.4 km

Start the day with breakfast at Helmersen. Continue south to the Polaria aquarium and experience centre, where you can see seals, king crabs, and other marine species common to the Arctic Ocean. You can also learn more about environmental challenges and watch films in the panoramic cinema.

Afterwards, head north through the pedestrian main street Storgata. The street passes by Tromsø Cathedral and several small shops and cafés. Continue to the Polarmuseet i Tromsø (the Polar Museum) where you can learn more about the city's history, as well as polar expeditions, fishing and hunting in the Arctic.

Follow the old harbour to Kystens Hus and stop by the local fish shop Dragøy, where you can order something tasty from its delicious lunch menu. 

After lunch, it's time to explore Tromsdalen. Crossing Tromsø bridge will give you great views in every direction! The first stop is Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral) known for its unique architecture and glass mosaic covering the eastern window. Next up is Fjellheisen, The Cable Car. With departures every 30 minutes, the cable car takes you up to a 421-metre-high peak where you can enjoy panoramic view of Tromsø and beyond. Here, you can also buy refreshments and a snack, or you can head back to the city centre to enjoy dinner at Bardus Bistro. After dinner, relax with an arctic cocktail at Bardus Bar.


Length: 6.3 km

Start with breakfast at Koseverden and prepare yourself for a day filled with art and local handicrafts. As you walk through Tromsø, remember to keep your eyes peeled for its amazing street art.

Start exploring by visiting the family-owned gallery Krane Galleri & Rammeverkested where you will find handmade products and Northern Norwegian art. Then continue to Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, where you can explore art by Norwegian artists, contemporary masters, and more. At Galleri Nord you can shop a variety of local pictorial art, sculptures, as well as handicrafts and design products. 

Need a little break? Enjoy a homemade and healthy lunch surrounded by art, design and retro furniture at Smørtorget. After lunch, head towards the southern part of the city centre and stop by the world's northernmost glassblowing studio, Glasshytta Blåst.

Continue to Wabi Sabi where you can check out locally handcrafted jewellery, and watch their goldsmith perform jewellery magic in the workshop.

Next, head south and visit the oldest art institution in Northern Norway, Tromsø Kunstforening, featuring contemporary art from the region.

If you’re now up for a good walk, head towards the north of the city centre, cross the Tromsø Bridge to the mainland. Visit the iconic Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral) where you can study its famous mosaic window up close. Walk back to the city centre and chill (literally) with a fresh drink at Magic Ice, while admiring its stunning ice gallery. 

Are you hungry yet? How about enjoying a tasty dinner at Mathallen food hall? After dinner, sample some fine wine at Helmersen.


Length: 7.1 km

Start with breakfast at Smørtorget in a retro atmosphere, surrounded by second-hand items. Then head up to Tromsø's historic high street, Storgata, where you can see many old buildings that survived the big city fire of 1969. At the top of the main square Storgata, you can see the charming Music pavilion built in 1892 and the old town hall that dates back to 1864. The town hall also housed the city's police station and prison for more than 100 years. The square is also home to Tromsø's oldest newsstand Rakettkiosken (the rocket kiosk), which Margit Løkke opened in 1911 when she was just 18 years old.

At the end of the street lies Perspektivet Museum, the house where the famous author and artist Cora Sandel/Sara Fabricius lived in her youth. She often wrote about life in Tromsø. Next door, you'll find the oldest functioning cinema in Norway, Verdensteateret.

Afterwards, continue to Polarmuseet i Tromsø (The Polar Museum), where you can learn more about key events in the city's history, as well as polar expeditions, fishing, and hunting in the Arctic.

The Polar Museum lies in the oldest part of the city. While you are there, visit the oldest buildings in Tromsø, Skansen Fortress, built in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Have lunch at Full Steam Tromsø where you can enjoy locally sourced food made in a home-cooked style. If you book in advance, you can also join a guided tour in their fish museum called Full Steam Package

After lunch, head over to Norges Arktiske Universitetsmuseum (The Arctic University Museum of Norway), which features exhibits about everything from Sami history and the Viking Age to religious history and much more. Close by, you'll also find the open air Folkeparken Friluftsmuseum located in Telegrafbukta. Take a digital walk where you can scan QR codes to learn more about its 13 historic buildings from Tromsø and the surrounding region.

Iconic Vertshuset Skarven is the perfect place for dinner, with lots of local history. If you're in the mood for local beef, try Skarvens Biffhus, or head for Arctandria for fresh seafood. Continue your night afterwards in its cosy downstairs bar.

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