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Nigardsbreen Nigardsbreen Nigardsbreen
Nigardsbreen Nigardsbreen
Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik / www.fjordnorway.com
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in Jotunheimen

Hiking in the mountains, walking on glaciers, river rafting, and summer skiing are activites you can participate in whilst visiting the Jotunheimen national park. Here, you can reach the top of Northern Europe’s highest mountain Galdhøpiggen, hike from cabin to cabin, or find a nice spot to set up your tent.

Safety in the mountains

Return to hike another day

Norway is an incredible place to explore, with untamed mythical landscapes, mountains, valleys, and fjords. Before you enter the outdoors, get familiar with the nine simple rules of the Norwegian mountain code to help you stay safe.

  1. Plan your trip and inform others about the route you have selected.
  2. Adapt the planned routes according to ability and conditions.
  3. Pay attention to the weather and the avalanche warnings.
  4. Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.
  5. Bring the necessary equipment so you can help yourself and others.
  6. Choose safe routes. Recognize avalanche terrain and unsafe ice.
  7. Use a map and a compass. Always know where you are.
  8. Don’t be ashamed to turn around.
  9. Conserve your energy and seek shelter if necessary.

Read the mountain code with supplementary comments.

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