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Idyllic Vestfold by the Oslofjord has played a central role in Norwegian history as a hub for shipbuilding, marine activities, and Vikings.

In Vestfold, perfectly placed on the western side of the Oslofjord, the short distance between charming towns will make your trip more interesting and varied. Stavern is known for its exciting archipelago, while Larvik is the birthplace of Thor Heyerdahl. Horten and Sandefjord have a vast marine history, and in Åsgårdstrand you can visit Edvard Munch’s house and see where he painted many of his masterpieces. Tønsberg holds the title of Norway’s oldest town, while Holmestrand is known as “the town under the mountain”.

Vestfold was a centre of power in the Scandinavian Viking Period and is the area in Norway where you’ll find the most traces of our proud Viking heritage.

Discover the marine national park Færder, and pay a visit to the World’s End at Tjøme for breathtaking views. If you enjoy hiking or biking, the many tracks along the coastal path are an enjoyable experience.

The area’s diverse cultural scene includes festivals, shows, art, and a number of world-class museums.

Get in-depth travel information on Vestfold’s official website.

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Get in-depth travel information on Vestfold’s official website.
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