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Rørsethornet, Midsund Rørsethornet, Midsund
Rørsethornet, Midsund.
Photo: Einar Engdal
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High peaks and scenic views

In the region of the Atlantic Road and Trollstigen you will find a mountain area with tall peaks and wide views. Hike the Romsdalseggen ridge in Åndalsnes, try the Fjord route north of Kristiansund, or visit the beautiful valley Innerdalen and explore Trollheimen.

Fjordruta – a four-day tour from Kristiansund which consists of 190 kilometres of marked tracks with scenic fjord and sea views. 13 mountain lodges along the route allow you to choose the length of your trip and how many cabins you want to visit.

Hike the Romsdalseggen ridge – one of the finest mountain trips in Norway. A daily mountain bus will take you to the starting point in the summer season, and then you’ll walk back over the ridge to Åndalsnes. A truly special day trip that has multiple route options.

Innerdalen – A beautiful mountain valley in a mountainous area between Trøndelag and Nordmøre. The valley has been populated by humans since the Stone Age and still has a thriving cultural landscape with cows grazing, summer farming, herding, hunting, and fishing. Trollheimen is located in two climate zones and has distinctive geological conditions. This offers a great variety of landscapes and habitats, as well as a wide diversity of plants and animals. Hikers will find well marked trails and both manned and unmanned mountain lodges to eat and sleep in.

Øyvind Opdøl
Utsiktspunktet Rampestreken
Rampestreken viewpoint
Matti Bernitz
Innerdalen, Sunndal
Hiking in Innerdalen
Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB/ Visitnorway.com
Gamle Vardeveien, Molde
Gamle Vardeveien, Molde
Erik Hattrem
Øystein Tveiten
Terje Rakke

Other hikes in the Northwest