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Landscape in Bygland
Landscape in Bygland.
Photo: Anders Martinsen
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Bygland, in the middle of Setesdal

The lake Byglandsfjord is 34 km  long and is part of the river Otra.
This gives wonderful recreation opportunities in idyllic surroundings. Enjoy one of the beautiful beaches along the lake.

There are numerous idyllic swimming and sunbathing spots along the lake, and if you prefer fishing, the local catch includes trout and a dwarf salmon strain known as bleke. If you want to see the lake from a different angle, the steamboat Bjoren has a sightseeing route every Sunday during the summer.
The magnificent waterfall Reiårsfossen is located in Bygland and can be seen from a nice picnic spot by the road.

The area is also home to craftsmen and artisans who sell their products direct from their workshops. Would you like to meet Olga, Orvar, Frøya and Elvira? You will find them at Elgtun.  

What to see in Bygland

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