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Stjørdal, salmon fishing Stjørdal, salmon fishing
Stjørdal, salmon fishing.
Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff/fotoknoff.no/Hembre Gård
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The gateway to Trøndelag

Stjørdal near Trondheim is Trøndelag’s transport hub. The main airport, railway lines and highways meet here, and you can travel northwards, southwards, to Røros or to Sweden.

The town of Stjørdal has immediate proximity to nature so there is a lot to experience here. The river Stjørdalselva is noted for its rich salmon stocks and if the fish are biting your catch may be prepared and served for dinner at one of the farms that offer accommodation and dining. Throughout history, Stjørdal has been a transport hub between north and south and east and west. Consequently, has extensive experience as a host of accommodation and adventures.

The airport municipality Stjørdal Trøndelag’s main airport, Trondheim Airport Værnes, is located extremely close to downtown Stjørdal. The location of three hotels with large capacity and other providers of meeting facilities so close to the airport are among the main reasons why companies with a requirement for efficient meetings choose Stjørdal as their destination.

Salmon fishing in Stjørdal

The river Stjørdalselva offers 85 km of excellent fishing, stretching from its mouth near Trondheim Airport Værnes eastwards towards Sweden. 

Like most rivers in Trøndelag, the Stjørdalselva – and its tributaries Forra and Sona – is renowned for its big salmon. The angling season runs from June to August. Ever since the English salmon lords started to visit Norway in the late 19th century, the Stjørdalselva has been one of the most popular rivers for salmon fishing. Good and sensible resource management has provided good salmon stocks, and the river consistently ranks among the 10-12 best rivers in Norway.

Trondheim Airport Værnes
Trondheim Airport Værnes
Opera Trøndelag, Steinvikholmen
Steinvikholm Opera
Opera Trøndelag
Hegra Fortress, Stjørdal
Hegra Fortress
Marius Rua

Historic attractions

The municipality has many relics of culture with an exciting history. The Hegra Fortress is an historic fortification that remains intact with its trenches, tunnels, common rooms and command towers. The fortress is located in a picturesque area, making it ideal as a day trip.

Leirfall, one of the largest collections of rock carvings in Northern Europe, is situated just 2.5 km from downtown Hegra. Around 1200 figures, mostly dating from the Bronze Age, are carved into the rock. The carvings include boats, footprints, cup and ring marks, pictures of the sun and a procession of 13 human figures.


Steinvikholm Castle is an island fortress on the Skatval peninsula near Stjørdal. The Lord of the castle was Olav Engelbrektsson, the last Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Norway. It is the largest medieval building constructed in Norway. Steinvikholm is the site of a midnight opera each summer, which portrays the life of Olav Engelbrektsson.

The Værnes Church is more than 900 years old, making it the oldest building in Norway that is still in use. Every year many overseas tourists visit the railway station at Hell, which is a popular photo subject particularly among English speakers. From the summit of Forbordsfjellet, you can enjoy panoramic views of Trøndelag for miles in all directions. This mountain is also one of the best places in the Trondheim region to observe the Northern Lights.

Accommodation in Stjørdal

If you require accommodation in Stjørdal, there are several options to choose between. The recently renovated Scandic Hotel Hell is located right near the airport and offers all necessary facilities. You can enjoy a good breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Amelia, and you can use the gym, swimming pool and sauna. There is also free car parking and Wi-Fi.

If you are looking for accommodation that is a little more exciting and exotic, the Stjørdal area has a lot to offer. Ersgard B & B is an historic 250-year-old Trøndelag farm located on the banks of the river Stjørdalselva. This is the place to relax and unwind in a traditional and informal atmosphere. An authentic farm breakfast featuring home baking is served for breakfast. Car parking is free.

The gem, Austkil gjestegård og konferansesenter (guest house and conference centre), is located 20 km east of Stjørdal. When you visit this old farm, you can decide to withdraw and enjoy the tranquillity or experience something completely out of the ordinary. You can experience the concept Mord til Middag (Murder for Dinner), where you will be one of the main character’s in the role play while enjoying a delicious dinner made from local produce.

If you interested in fishing, then the farm Hembre Gård is the perfect place to stay. The motel has several apartments with kitchenettes for self catering. There is also a camping ground that maintains a very high standard and has plenty of space for tents and caravans. Free Wi-Fi is available. The farm’s fishing zone features many exciting and easily accessible fishing spots. Hembre Gård is located 10 km from Stjørdal.