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Road safety

In Norway, drivers and cyclists often share the road and thus must follow the same traffic rules. Read more about bike safety.

Car safety

Driving a car is one of the best ways to experience Norway at your own pace. But the driving conditions can sometimes be harsh, especially during winter. If you’re crossing mountains or driving far on smaller roads, you should keep warm clothes, food, and water in the car. Also note that fuel stations may be few and far between in the mountains and other remote areas, especially in Northern Norway.

Speed limits

Easy on the brakes

Brakes may overheat at long downhill stretches. To avoid this, drive in a low gear. Eventual braking will require less force and brakes will stay cool. When driving uphill, watch the car’s temperature gauge to avoid engine overheating in time.

Mountain passes

Note that weather conditions can cause mountain passes to close, especially during heavy snow and strong wind. Some of the higher mountain passes can get snowfall and frost when there are summer conditions in the lowlands, particularly in April/May and September/October.

Lights on at all times

Dipped headlights are mandatory at all times, even in the middle of the brightest summer day. This includes mopeds and motorcycles. If your car is a right-hand drive, you must use black triangles on your headlights to avoid dazzling other drivers.

Seat belts and safety seats

Don’t drink and drive – alcohol limit

Driving and drinking do not mix, and especially so in Norway. Alcohol laws are very strict, and penalties from driving under the influence are severe. The legal limit is 0,02% blood alcohol and applies to the driver of any motorized vehicle. Medications to avoid if you intend to drive are marked with a red triangle.

In case of an accident

In case of a breakdown or an accident, all vehicles must have at least one high-visibility vest, a warning triangle, and third-party insurance.

Emergency telephones can be found on mountain stretches and in tunnels. For 24 hour salvage or technical assistance, three of the largest roadside assistance companies in Norway are:

NAF: (+47) 23 21 31 00
Falck: (+47) 02 222
Viking: (+47) 06 000

Car travel

All you need to know about driving in Norway, from information on petrol stations and how to charge your electric car, to scenic route recommendations and toll road instructions.

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