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Tips from locals:

A brief guide to queer meeting places in Norway

Colourful bars and cafés, amazing parades and queer choirs. Here, 6 locals share their favourite LGBTIQ+ friendly places in Norway's biggest cities.


  • "Don't miss the night club Elsker, the biggest queer nightclub in Oslo. This is the place to go if you want to dance, and they also often have different events, quizzes, and drag show nights."

  • "Oslo Pride Festival is the highlight of the year of all queer events in Oslo. What I love about Oslo Pride is that it is the perfect mix between party and protest!"

  • "I'm very fond of Oslo Fagottkor (a leading Norwegian gay choir and entertainment ensemble). They have a Christmas show that is cool to attend. I love it when they ring in Christmas with their singing!"

  • A personal favourite of mine, and a somewhat more casual place, is Oche. There you can play digital darts, and order good food and drinks. It is a relatively new place for many, and they are really striving for diversity.

Majken Helén Evensen, Transformation Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels and Oslo Pride volunteer


  • "I would recommend Fincken night club, Bergen's only official queer hangout."

  • "Bergen Pride arranges happenings throughout the year. You have the Bergen Pride festival at the beginning of June, which lasts a week, and then there are debates, drag shows, and café happenings all year."

  • It varies a lot where the drag shows are held, but there is a place called Rebel that sometimes hosts a "drag and bubbles lunch."

René Bjorheim, professional photographer and drag artist


  • "I am a good old-fashioned beer lover, so I am very happy to go to the microbrewery Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri. They also have a tradition of brewing their own pride beer when it's pride month in June and for Trondheim Pride in September.

  • "A little personal favourite of mine, where really everyone is welcome, is the old dive bar Fru Lundgreen. It's a rock music joint which I think is a great place to go in the evening, preferably after a concert.

  • "If you want a little more drinks and a bar atmosphere, then Tyven is nice. It's become a very important queer hangout in Trondheim."

  • "Ever since I came to Trondheim, Samfundet (The Student Union in Trondheim) has been an important place. They help celebrate important queer anniversaries, and it's a place where you can go to hear lectures, political debates, go to concerts, or just have a beer and dance."

  • "Trondheim Pride is the third-largest pride festival in Norway. Monthly queer concerts and an open mic 'queer stage' are also popular in Trondheim."

Eivind Rindal, deacon and Manager of Trondheim Pride


  • "Stavanger is a very open and international city. I recommend FRI BAR coffee & cocktails, a tiny queer bar located in Fargegaten in Stavanger. There is a lot happening there, like karaoke and DJs."

  • "If you go to Proud Mary Pub, you can see me and another drag queen on stage! We often perform there."

  • "Bardello is a nice place and very different. It's a bit like going to a cabaret show."

Mio Eyfjord, professional masker and hairdresser, and drag artist


  • "I really like Hundholmen Brygghus, a two floor brewhouse which is a restaurant during the day and nightclub in the evening. It's an incredibly nice, inclusive place, with great drinks and friendly staff."

  • "Then you have the night club Dama Di, an open, innovative and alternative place."

  • "For dining, you have Pangea Kitchen & Bar, which has a bit of a food truck feel. A place for everyone."

  • "In Bodø, there is a festival in the summer called Opptur. It has a great atmosphere. I went there with makeup on, so it's a very open-minded place where you can do as you please."

  • "Stormen Concert Hall has different events and a lot going on for young people, like dancing, music and theatre."

Jørgen Olsen, professional makeup artist and drag artist


  • "Arctic Pride is popular with people from all over the world. It is a bit unique as there is usually snow and wintry weather, and people who are dressed in colourful wool. In November, it starts to get dark in Tromsø, so the city is lit with lights and decorated with flags."

  • "Tromsø has quite a few pubs and clubs that are queer friendly. Studentsamfunnet Driv (the student union) is a place that often hosts queer events."

  • "Check out Storgata Camping, Emmas Drømmekjøkken og Vinbar, Solid, Verdensteatret Cinematek and Bastard Bar. These are the places we often go to during Arctic Pride."

Heidi Hilmarsdotter Hansen, Troms and Finnmark Manager at FRI (The Norwegian Organisation for Sexual and Gender Diversity)

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