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Geilo sentrum

Ice Music Festival 2017

  • Vesleslåttvegen 13, Geilo
  • +47 32095900
  • February 9, 2017 - February 12, 2017
  •  /  8:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Ice Music Festival 2016 will be from 21. - 24. january 2016. 

Ice Music Festival is a unique, artistic and musical event held every year at the full moon in the beginning of the year. The festival is an ovation to nature and to one of the world’s most important recourses – water. Frozen water.

All premises are set by the surrounding nature, with the majestic local mountain landscape as its scenery. The weather is essential for the festival. The quality of the ice depends on the weather conditions and the sound of the instruments varies as the temperature differs. Therefore, every concert is a unique experience. The lunar cycle determines the date, and the weather determines the music.

The festival includes a wide array of artistic expressions that all share a connection to ice. Through the years, both architecture, art, dance, photo, design and music has been represented at the festival. Ice Music Festival is a place for artists and audience to experiment develop and to be inspires.
More information about the program, go to http://www.icemusicfestival.no

Expect the unexpected! The moment is now.

Thursday 21st January

20:00 / Opening Concert

Martin Halla: Vocal
Ivar Kolve: Iceophone & Ice Percussion
Snorre Bjerck: Ice Percussion

Martin Halla is the winner of The Voice Norway. We wonder what  The Voice judges will make of his cold collaboration with Ice Music?

Location: Geilo Centre
Price NOK 250,-

Friday 22nd January

20.00 / Flower Power With African Ice & Groove

Mamadou Diabate: Ice Balafon
Daniel Herskedal: Tubice
Helge Norbakken: Ice Drums
Snorre Bjerck: Ice Drums
Kristin Voreland: 2016 Festival Artist

Mamadou from Burkina Faso totally amazed the Ice Music Festival 2015 audience. Such was his popularity, we had to invite him again. For 2016, Mamadou will be interacting with Norways two Master Drummers.

Daniel Herskedal currently holds the world record for playing dark tones on a tuba. Can he break the record with the Tubice?

This year’s Ice Music Festival artist: the wonderful Kristin Voreland from Atelier Flora. Winner of the European Champion of Floral Art and with flowers being the visual theme for 2016, Kristin's exhibition will add a beautiful finishing touch to the arena.

Location: Geilo Centre                                            
Price NOK 250,-


22:00 / Icelandic Ice Sessions

Trio Mediæval: Vocal
Arve Henriksen: Ice Trumpet & Vocal
Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion
Johannes Lundberg: Ice Bass

Trio Mediæval's mesmerising etheral harmonics combined with Arve's infectious improvisation wowed 2015's audience. They return with new work accompanied by Johannes on the Ice Bass and Terjes world of Ice. 

Location: Geilo Centre  
Price NOK 250,-

Saturday 23rd January

15.00 / Family Concert: Three Ice Tasters

Jon Halvor Bjørseth with his World Premiere! Ski sound / slide sound! How can we turne skiis into music?  In collaboration with young musicians from Hallingdal. 

Mamadou Diabate: performs solo with his magic Ice Balafon

Terje Isungset & Maria Skranes: joining forces to perform classic Ice Music songs.

Tha amazing Bill Covits (US) will be on stage making a ice sculpture during the concert.

Location: Geilo Centre                            
Price Adults NOK 150,
Price Children 12 - 16 yrs NOK 50,-
Price Children: Free 

22.00 / Tati on Ice

Miss Tati: Vocal
Ivar Kolve: Iceophone
Helge Norbakken: Ice Drums
Johannes Lundberg: Ice Bass

From Angola, via Portugal to Norway and for 2016 - Geilo's Ice Music Festival! The sassy soulmistress Miss Tati is known for her warm charisma and ability to create a party atmosphere. Dancing in freezing temperatures will certainly heat the ice up...

Location: Geilo Centre                      
Price NOK 250,- 

24:00 /  Legendary Midnight Concert

Terje Isungset: Ice Percussion, Ice Horn & general Ice Magic
Gawain Hewitt: Hydrophone - under the lake ice / water sounds!
Maria Skranes: Vocal
Jon Halvor Bjørnseth: Electronics
Daniel Herskedal: Tubice
Trio Mediæval: Vocals
Arve Henriksen: Ice Horn, Vocal & Ice Percussion
Art & Design School in Bergen (KHiB)

The second concert arena is born from artwork from KHiB. 14 students and teachers have designed and built the arena on lake "Slåttahølen".

This extra Ice Music Festival location gives us the rare opportunity to hear how music sounds in the water flowing under the thick lake ice. A world first!

Sound Artist Gawain Hewitt brings his hydrophones (underwater microphone) and speakers that can play under water. Arve Henriksen will play down the ice hole and into the water underneath. Everything will be bathed in the sonorous ice of Isungset and the crystal clear voices of Trio Mediæval.

Location: Slåttahølen - the lake shoreline next to Geilo Culture Church
Price NOK 350,-

Sunday 24th January

12.00 /  'Ice Rose'

We embrace both ice and people.

Dr. Kerim H. Nisancioglu start the concert by talking about the melting of the Greenland ice sheet accompanied by the sounds of Geilo, recorded by Gawain Hewitt summer and winter. The music at the following concert is mainly from Terje Isungset’s latest CDs, which he and Maria Skranes performs with all around the world. In addition, we’ll hear Miss Tati and Anney Marie Niyokindi. Miss tati is originally from Angola, while Anney  came to Norway as a refugee from Burundi. We will hear her story through music.

Terje Isungset: Ice Horn, Ice Percussion, Iceophone & Ice Drums
Gawain Hewitt: Electronics
Maria Skranes: Vocal
Miss Tati: Vocal
Anney Marie Niyokindi: Vocal

This concert is suitable for all. 

Location: Geilo Culture Church
Price Adults NOK 200  / Children 12-16 Years NOK 100 Children Under 12 Years Free 

Tickets are available on ticketservice or at the Tourist Information Center in Geilo town

  • Last Updated: 05/09/2016
  • Source: Visit Geilo AS
Thursday, February 9, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

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