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Østfoldmuseene - The Halden Canal Museum, Ørje

Discover the natural and cultural history of the waterways through pictures, objects, a series of models and 5 different aquaria.

Østfold Museums - Halden Canal Museum is a center for adventure, activity and knowledge of the Halden watercourse. The museum is housed in the old factory premises after the pulp mill Ørje Brug. Come and follow the log from the woods, through rivers, lakes and locks, to the sawmill and pulp mill. Become familiar with the canal builder Engebret Soot and entrepreneurs on Ørje Brug.

The Museum researcher on water quality and species diversity in the river. In the exhibition you can study live crayfish and learn why it is an endangered species. Visit our aquarium and study the fish species that are typical of the large nutrient-rich lakes.

The Canal Museum can equip you for water excursions. Rent a canoe and explore the river on your own! The museum is participating in the Children's Museum Relay throughout the school holidays.

The old industrial area are well-equipped with facilities to small and large events. Many feel that a party or meeting adds something in such surroundings.

Guiding outside opening hours by appointment.


Last updated: 04/19/2024

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Østfoldmuseene - The Halden Canal Museum, Ørje

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