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Alm Gard Ice cream

Alm Gard organic ice cream with nature's colors and flavors from Feios. Alm Gard produces organic ice cream, yogurt ice cream and sorbet ice cream.

In 2004, Alm Gard came up with the idea to start a small-scale farm, with the production of products such as milk and fruit. We chose to start production of ice cream, with recipes based on old Italian recipes.

Our ice cream contains no artificial flavouring, coloring or preservatives.

The cows Buskrei, Bernadette, Lucia, Nora, Ronja and Aagje are the milk producers on the farm.

Our ice contains approximately 30% air, in contrast to industrially produced ice which contains 50% air, the maximum permitted value. You can tell by the taste and texture.

We made the sorbet mainly with our own fruit produced on our farm, such as raspberries, redcurrant plums and apples. We also pick blueberries, lingonberries and mulberries ourselves in the mountains that surround the farm. The rest, which we are unable to pick or produce ourselves, we buy in via selected suppliers.

The yogurt ice cream was made from home-made yogurt and fruit.

The ice cream is produced from fresh milk and cream from our Telemark cows, and organic eggs from Veikåker Gård in Noresund.

We buy the other ingredients as much as possible locally and through a Norwegian wholesaler for organic raw materials

The ice cream and the surrounding production are of course controlled by both the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Debio

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Alm Gard Ice cream

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