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Arctic Campers - Camper & RV rental

Discover the beauty of Norway with Arctic Campers, the largest and most experienced camper van rental company in the country. Whether you're starting your journey in Tromsø or Oslo, our diverse range of camper vans cater to your unique needs, from cozy 2-person campers to spacious RVs accommodating up to six people.

Experience the freedom of exploring Northern Norway at your own pace with our fully-equipped camper vans. Every vehicle includes a comfortable double bed, a fully-equipped camping kitchen and a diesel parking heater to ensure a convenient and enjoyable journey. For added safety during winter months, we offer 4-wheel drive options and spiked tires. Embrace the flexibility that Arctic Campers provides, making it the perfect choice for chasing the Northern Lights, skiing, or simply discovering the breathtaking landscapes Norway has to offer. Our camper vans allow you to follow clear skies, escape city confines, and venture off the beaten path to uncover hidden gems across the region. Choose Norway's leading camper rental company for your next adventure and see where the open road takes you! Rental price: NOK 1290 per day Pick-up or delivery at Tromsø airport: NOK 500

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Arctic Campers - Camper & RV rental

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