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Arctic Route

Jump on the bus to make your way to Narvik/Tromsø or move around in the Narvik area. The Arctic Route is connected with many experience providers.The Arctic Route is a safe, reliable and comfortable way of travelling to new adventures and unforgettable memories in the Arctic region.

Download the exclusive and multilanguage Arctic Route Story and Guiding app before you hop on the bus here: Voice of Norway App. Find more information about the bus stops, activities to join, internet password, facilities on the bus and much more!

This route operates with two options:

  • Narvik – Tromsø (to experience activities and/or transfer to Tromsø)
  • Tromsø – Narvik (to experience activities and/or transfer to Narvik)

Meeting points in Narvik:

-       In front of Scandic hotel

-       In front of Quality Hotel

-       In front of the train station in Narvik

On the Narvik route, it is possible to visit a wide range of experiences such as dog sledding, traditional food and drink, wildlife safaris, accommodation and much more. The route also corresponds with both incoming and outgoing train to Kiruna: the Arctic Train. 

The route is operated with new and comfortable coaches with wifi, toilet, hot/cold drinks and snacks available for the passengers. Competent and service-oriented drivers fluent in English.

Daily departures/arrivals at Tromsø, Nordkjosbotn, Buktamoen, Aurora Husky, Bardufos Hotel, Polar Park and Narvik.

The Arctic Route is also the way to visit Polar Park, the northernmost animal park, where you meet wolves, bears, lynx, reindeer, moose and many more.

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Arctic Route

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