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ARV Lokalmat (Local food shop)

ARV Lokalmat is a grocery store in Snåsa centre, with locally produced goods. Here you can experience the taste of Snåsa, with cheese produced from cows that graze in the summer landscape, fennel legs of old Norwegian pork, hot smoked pure meat, a variety of vegetables, good drinks, handicrafts, and more. Most of it is produced within the borders of Trøndelag, and much of it is produced only kilometres from the shop.

Butikkens drivere er selv bønder, med et stort engasjement for at dagligvarer skal kunne omsettes der de skapes. They are convinced that the short path from farm to fork has both economic and quality advantages. The aim is for the farmer to make a profit equivalent to the cost of producing good, nutritious food. Less transport means a lower carbon footprint, fewer wholesale links, more money for the individual producer and high quality food that doesn't have to cost a lot.

What does ARV mean?

Every district has its heritage to look after. Food production and processing has
traditions where diversity varies according to the possibilities each district offers.

A - Ansvar (Responsibility)
R - Retrovasjon (Retrograde)
V - Verdiskapning (Diversification)

Responsibility - We take responsibility for caring for our natural resources and ensuring sustainability now and in the future.
Retrofitting - By taking care of the uniqueness of a district, we keep traditions alive and new traditions and products are developed.
Diversity - Our work creates engagement, belonging and workplaces - This is district development in practice!


Source: Innherred Reiseliv


ARV Lokalmat (Local food shop)

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