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Auen Ecological herb farm

Organic herb garden with approx. 400 spices and medical plants, roses, old perennials and lilies.

Since 1990, Anne Kristine Gundersen has welcomed visitors to her ecological paradise, which is so beautifully situated on the banks of the Siljan River.

Canoe rental and accommodation
Here she offers canoe rental and accommodation with silence and atmosphere.

Courses and guided tours
Various courses are arranged at Auen herb garden, such as:
1. Wild plants: Use of wild plants for food and medicine. The course can be arranged around the country, according to the group's wishes.
Create your own spice garden: How to get a successful result.
3. Herbal schnapps: We consider the various liquor spices.
4. Husapoteket: Make your own herbal teas.

Auen herb farm also accepts groups for courses and guided tours by appointment.

The gallery
In the gallery there is a changing exhibitor and sale of self-produced tea and spice mixtures, seeds, books, arts and crafts.

Greet the animals
At Auen herb garden you can greet various animals such as rabbits, ducks. bantams, hens, pheasants and quail.

Self-produced honey
Of course she also offers tastings of the freshest self-produced honey! The herb garden and the surrounding meadows are an eldorado for the bees, which gives this honey very distinctive flavors! 

Source: VisitGrenland AS


Auen Ecological herb farm

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