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Bardal - rock carvings

At Bardal in South-Beistad, not far from Steinkjer city centre, you will find one of Trøndelag's largest collections of rock carvings.
The 300 m2 large rock surface consists of over 400 paintings. What is so special about this area is that the carvings date from Stone - and Bronze Ages.

The approx. 60 rock carvings from  the early Stone Age are the oldest (3000 - 1800 BC) and show hunting pictures with an emphasis on the characteristics of each animal.
Several of the figures are close to real size, amongst others a 6 metres long whale. A massive elk next to it also towers over the the others animals there, such as reindeers, bears, seabirds and humans.
In addition, there are geometrical stick drawings that are difficult to explain.

The 350 agricultural rock carvings from the Bronze Age (1800 - 500 BC) are dominated by large boat figures. You can clearly see boat skeletons, keels and railings. The many small lines may be oars or crew and the curved lines could be larger figures or bronze lurs.

In the youngest area there are also some unusual spirals and bowl shaped pits. Such sacrificial pits were usual in the kultus alphabet in the Bronze Age.
The bowl shaped pits are 4-5 cm in diametre and a couple of cm deep.

There is a tarpaulin covering the rock carvings at the moment - as part of work to preserve them.

Road Description:
Bardalsfeltet is situated next to Bardal farm, about 15 km west of Steinkjer city centre, along FV 285. Good signage from E6, just north of the Egge-tunnel. Good parking close to the paintings.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Bardal - rock carvings

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