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Bardufoss Ski Center

Bardufoss ski center and Arena Bardufoss contain ski and biathlon trails as well as hiking trails basic facilities (Amundrommet) for everyone. The facility has its own snow production facility and opens here at the end of October. The use of the facility is fee. Here you can play on skiis, snowboards or toboggans whether you are a child or an adult. The base plant is occasionally trampled during the winter

Bardufoss Ski Center is a trail team where the following collaborate on operation and maintenance of the trail network in the Bardufoss area: Bardufoss og Omegn Idrettslap, Målselv's Skiskyttere, the Armed Forces, Målselv Municipality, Bardufosstun and Forsvarsbygg. The trails are groomed on a voluntary basis by good machine operators.

The facility is a modern cross-country and biathlon facility with world-class ski trails. NM skiing was held in 2004 and NM biathlon in 2011. In addition to competition trails, there are light trails, 10 km and hiking trails in the mountains. These trails must be prepared by 1730. On weekends at 1000. By the trail is Bardufosstun with facilities for accommodation, training and dining, arranged for and owned by the sport through the Norwegian Sports Confederation and Troms and Finnmark sports district. Bardufoss Activity Medical Center with roller ski treadmill and physiological TESTLAB is also located at Bardufosstun.

October - May (Guarantee snow from October)

Ski trails
Total of 65 trails
Total of 61,9 km
Number of routes 9
Light trails 10 km
Asphalt roller ski trail

In close proximity to the ski resport you will also fint sports halls, ice rinks, fitness center, climbing wall, swimming fcility/water park, horse center.

Free parking

Contact info
Adr: Idrettens Hus, 9325 Bardufoss
Ph: +47 77 83 46 00

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Bardufoss Ski Center

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