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Batterie Dietl - Coastal Fort in Steigen

Batterie Dietl is one of Europe's largest coastal fortifications from World War II. The fort guarded the entrance to Vestfjorden and the crucial shipping route from Narvik, loaded with valuable iron ore bound for Germany's war and weapons industry. It housed three of the world's largest land-based cannons, the so-called Adolf cannons.

Inside one of the cannon bunkers, you'll find the museum exhibition. Here, you can experience an authentic environment from the wartime days, complete with restored ammunition and engine rooms. The soldiers' signatures can still be seen on the walls. The exhibition tells the story of the significance of the giant cannons for life on Engeløya.

The fortress is situated in a stunning natural area. A varied coastal landscape with cliffs, coves, small sandy beaches, and a rich growth of mountain and coastal flowers that have begun to cover the scars in the landscape. This area offers ample opportunities for recreation and nature experiences. Many lookout points provide a magnificent view of the Lofoten Wall.

The entire fortress area can be explored on foot. On your own, you can discover a wealth of war relics. There are many ruins, bunkers, and mountain halls in the fortress area. Be sure to bring a flashlight.

Source: Visit Bodö


Batterie Dietl - Coastal Fort in Steigen

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