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Moss can offer approximately 50 beaches - with a taste of the southern countries beaches.

The many bathing beaches in the Moss region - with a taste of the southern hot land! Throughout the summer, the bathing temperature is 18 - 24 degrees in the water. The beaches in the Moss region are close in dense, just pick and choose. With so many beaches to choose from, the possibilities should be great for you to find one that suits you. Whether you prefer a rocky mountain, sandy beach or a grassy beach. And which city in the country of Norway can show that they have two beaches in the middle of the city center? Moss offers the Sjøbadet, which lies "next door" with the Bastø ferries and the canal. Nesparken - which offers fresh water and is only 5 minutes walk from the city center, right on the city's main road.

Source: VisitMOSS AS



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