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Our goal is to stimulate the senses through a wholeness of experience – creativity and development, food and drink, wellness, lodging, and activities.

At BesteBakken you will find a traditional and cozy atmosphere as well as modern and comfortable rooms We strive to stimulate the senses by offering a totality of gratifying experiences –  creativity and development, serenity and peace, food and drink, wellness, overnighting, and activities.

BesteBakken has 15 bedrooms with 33 beds, along with 12 modern baths. All the bathrooms are exquisitely tiled and several are equipped with bubble baths and  showers. On the property, just outside the main building you'll find an outdoor jacuzzi. From just about anywhere on the property there's a magnificent view over Hafslo and Lake Hafslo.

You'll find us at Hafslo, in the county of Luster, furthest inland in the world-renowned Sognefjord.

Live every minute of every hour while you can Fill your heart with happiness Let it show when you smile Many things disappear or change over time Life is now, not later

Welcome to an epicurean experience

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS



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