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Biking routes in Hadeland

Cycling routes in Hadeland
Our region is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts who want to explore Hadeland’s beautiful cultural landscape by bike.

Here are some suggested cycling routes:

Klekken-Randsvangen, 15 km
This is a short route, but it goes past both Kistefos Museum and Hadeland Glassworks. We recommend that you visit both. The route follows asphalted roads and there are cycle lanes at the beginning. You may encounter some traffic. A few kilometres after Klækken Hotell you can turn off towards Kistefos Museum. In addition to being Scandinavia’s biggest sculpture park, Kistefos is an industry museum and also houses international exhibitions. You will approach the museum from one end and you can carry on by bike from the main entrance. From here, there is an easy cycle lane to Hadeland Glassworks via Jevnaker. Set aside a few hours for exploring Hadeland Glassworks, which enjoys an idyllic location on Randsfjorden’s southern shore.
The glassworks is one of Norway’s most popular attractions, where you can see glass blowers at work using production methods dating back to 1762. Then carry on along road E16 to Vangseter for a nice view over lake Randsfjorden.

Randsfjorden – the eastern and western shores
Randsfjorden is Norway’s fourth-largest lake with an area of around 140 km². If you don’t want to cycle around the entire lake, we recommend this 80 km round trip in the southern part of the lake.

The roads pass through small, cosy villages and old farm settlements. The lake is close if you fancy a dip. Follow road RV 240 along the eastern shore of Randsfjorden from Jevnaker to Brandbu, then join road RV 34 to Horn. Here you can take the ferry to Tangen on the western shore and return to Jevnaker along road RV 245. There are numerous interesting detours and experiences along the route.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Biking routes in Hadeland

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