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Birdbox Langeland


Birdbox Langeland is a spectacular accommodation in wonderful surroundings.

Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable overnight stay in a Birdbox on Langeland. Sleep right next to the nature and the wonderful surroundings. Lie down and look at the spectacular mountains surrounding you. Put on your skis and have a wonderful trip around the nearby trails. Walk down to Langelandsvatnet in the summer and enjoy a swim in the energizing water. Your fantasy set the limit for what you can experience

How to get to Birdbox Langeland

Birdbox Langeland is 15 minutes by car from Førde. When you have parked your car at Langeland ski resort, you have to walk approximately 15 minutes up a hill to the Birdbox.

The nearest convenience store is in Førde, so it is important that you bring enough food for your stay. Contact Birdbox Langeland for more information.

Last updated: 03/19/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten

Birdbox Langeland


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