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Blåsjø Reservoir in Ryfylke and Setesdal

Blåsjø Water Reservoir located in Ryfylke and Setesdal. Blåsjø is Norway's largest artificial lake, and kept in place by 11 small and larger dams.

Storvassdammen, Oddatjørndammen, and Førrevassdammen are among the largest dams belonging to the Blåsjø Reservoir. Storvassdammen is Norway's largest embankment dam, Oddatjørndammen is the tallest embankment dam in Norway, while Førrevanndammen is Norway's largest concrete dam.

You can drive to Oddatjørndammen and continue to Førrevassdammen. To get there, you need to turn off from Rv. 13 and drive up to Gullingen in Suldal and further into the mountains.

Due to the wild reindeer and their migration, it is not possible to drive to Storvassdammen.

The area is great for cycling, fishing, and hiking in the Suldal Mountains.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Blåsjø Reservoir in Ryfylke and Setesdal

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