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Blegja - the highest peak in FjordKysten

Blegja in Askvoll is often called the queen of the mountains in Sunnfjord. Blegja rises 1305 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in FjordKysten.

Blegja in Askvoll is often called the queen of the mountains in Sunnfjord. Blegja rises 1305 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in FjordKysten. The hike is challenging and suitable for experienced hikers only. From the top you can enjoy the view of Fjord Norway's steep mountains from above. You will see the amazing nature consisting of fjords, mountains, glaciers, islands and the sea as far as the eye can reach. From Blegja you can see all the way to Jostedalsbreen and the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen 100 km in distance. A spectacular experience!

Season and safety

Season: Spring, summer and early autumn (May - September).

). A general good physical fitness is necessary to hike Blegja. Parts of the trail is very steep, and it is necessary to climb the last bit towards the top. You should be used to walking in the mountains and in the terrain. It is important that you check the weather conditions at all times and plan your trip well to make sure you hike in daylight. You should not hike to Blegja if there is snow on the mountain. Be prepared for all types of weather in the mountains, even in summer. Please remember warm clothing, good footwear (preferably mountain shoes), a map, compass, food and drinks. Going together with a guide is recommended.TOUR DESCRIPTION Start: Rørvika Grading: Demanding. Suitable for experienced walkers with good stamina and good equipment. Duration: 4-5 hrs to the top, 3-4 hrs descend. Altitude: 20-1304 above sea level. Length: 10 km.Rørvika - Hengenipa - Nipevatnet - Blegja There are several trails going to Blegja, however the trail going from road 609 in Rørvika is the shortest and mostly used trail. There is a parking lot with an information board by the road. The route is clearly waymarked all the way to the top at intervals sufficiently short so you can see from one waymark to the next. Follow the tractor road up to a small fenced field. Keep to the right by the river. On the left side of the river you will see the trail. Follow this until you get to Hengenipa (506 meters above sea level). Enjoy the view over the Førdefjord.The trail continues to a cabin called Nipebu. From now on the route is in the direction of Rørviksnipa. When you reach the foot of the top, make a right turn and follow the foot until you get to the lake «Nipevatnet». Some parts of the trail are marked with stones. From this point you can see the top of Blegja. Continue on the left side of the lake, and further up the side of the mountain. Then cross a stone scree in the direction between the edge of Rørviknipa and the Blegja plateau. Easy climbing the last meters towards the top. About 150 meters ahead you will find the cairn. Enjoy the most spectacular view overlooking Alden, Jostedalsbreen and the seven mountains surrounding Bergen.

How to get there

By public transport

You can easily travel to Askvoll by express boat from Bergen or Nordfjord. For timetables please go to It is possible to go by bus from Askvoll, Førde and Florø to Rørvik. It is 10 meters from the bus stop to the starting point of the trip

By car

From Bergen Follow E39 from Bergen towards Førde. From Førde follow road 57 towards Askvoll. Follow road 609 north to Rørvika.

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Blegja - the highest peak in FjordKysten

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