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Boccone Ristorante

Boccone is a relaxed and pleasant place in Bergen City Center for a glass of proper wine, some olives, perfectly grilled meat and an Italian evening with friends and family.

Our menu is composed of good food with inspiration from Italy, we have the classic dishes pasta, pizza and antipasti.

In Italy, sharing food around the table is the only right way to eat - in this connection, we have also prepared for large families / groups with a good distance around the tables. We also have a small separate room and a larger one with room for 18 people.

But what we really want to show off is our four-course Italian-inspired menu. The star here is grilled beef in ribs, tomahawk and entrecote of grass-fed meat from Omaha and Sashi. The meat is of course the main course together with Italian inspired side dishes. But before this we almost always start with different hams and sausages - antipasti.

After this, we serve pasta that more people can share - not only because it is traditional, but because we are proud of it and make it from scratch. Sounds like a lot? It's just a little for the sake of taste.

Welcome to Boccone for a full evening with the best of Italy in middle of Bergen city center close to the "Blue Stone"

Medium price class

Source: Visit Bergen


Boccone Ristorante

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