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Braa Bar & Barmat

A popular spot in the centre of Namsos with local drinks and barfood, as well as a shuffle board.

The town of Namsos was founded on Braaholmen, at the outlet of the River Namsen, in 1845. According to certain theories, Braaholmen was the location where boats were tarred and left to dry. The name 'Braa' originates from Old Norse 'broðr', possibly suggesting heat or fire. This implies that Braaholmen provided ideal conditions for tar drying, resulting in 'good braa.'

For us, the name BRAA embodies hospitality and comfort in a cozy setting, emphasizing tradition and quality.

BRAA BAR & BARMAT will be situated on Braaholmen, approximately where the oldest boathouses once stood before the town's establishment. Here, we offer a delightful and straightforward meal, beverages, and group-friendly activities conducive to fostering a sense of well-being among good friends.

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Braa Bar & Barmat

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