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Cafe Gudvangen

Cafe Gudvangen (Pizzeria, bakery and coffee shop) with a view to the UNESCO Nærøyfjord

Café Gudvangen located on the banks of the fjord just next to the place where tourist ferries between Gudvangen – Flåm and Gudvangen – Kaupanger are docking.
Café Gudvangen is a warm and comfortable café with bakery and pizzeria that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner options –thin-crust pizza, fresh baked goods and sandwiches, local beer and coffee drinks.
With old baking techniques, the freshest dough, and the finest ingredients, we’re bringing back the world taste to Gudvangen.

We love what we do, what we make and sharing it with you.

Welcome to Café Gudvangen.

Café Gudvangen is open between May - September .

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Cafe Gudvangen

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