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Canoe rental at Børtevann

At Børtevann you can rent canoes, rowing boats and some kayaks. The canoes are stable and safe on the water, and are suitable for everyone, even those with no previous experience of paddling. We want as many people as possible, regardless of background and starting point, to be able to experience the area, so schools and institutions get a reduction in the price.

The lake is connected to several other lakes in the district, and there are many opportunities for relaxation, whether you want a relaxing hour on the water, or a longer overnight trip, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can paddle, swim and fish, or go for walks in scenic surroundings.

The rental is self-service and open 24h.


Canoe and kayak: NOK 90 per hour, NOK 400 per day

Boat: NOK 100 per hour, NOK 500 per day

Life jackets NOK 10 per trip

Source: Sarpsborg Turist as


Canoe rental at Børtevann

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