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Canyoning in Hølerajuvet

The gorge Hølerajuvet, also called Kvervilljuvet after the novel by Mikkjel Fønhus, offers untouched nature, steep cliffs, forested hillsides, smaller and larger waterfalls, calm river pools and rapids. Local guides take you on a thrilling canyoning adventure where you can jump into pools, and might have to swim or crawl along narrow passages.

Recommended age: From 16 years. Children under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult. You need to be a capable swimmer. 
Duration: 4-5 hours
Equipment provided: Wetsuit, life west and helmet
You need to bring: Firm shoes with good friction soles that can be worn in the river and woolen socks, towel and a dry clothes shift incl. shoes.

Due to unstable water levels, trips will be announced here 1-7 days in advance. The gorge Hølerajuvet is one of the few canyoning tours in an unregulated water course and we are very dependable on the weather.

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Canyoning in Hølerajuvet

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