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Carola Buaspa og Sol

Here it is sunny and 28 degrees all year, jacuzzi and a large selection of spa treatments.

Carola Buaspa and Sol offers: • Sun experience; a sun simulator on an indoor sandy beach. 28 degrees hot all year round • Spa treatments • Jacuzzi, outdoors by the quayside in the heart of Kalvåg • Infrared sauna • Sales of skin, body products and nutritional supplements Please show up 5 -10 min before treatment • All treatment is received at your own risk • Please state if you are taking medication, are pregnant or have allergies • Treatment is not recommended for colds, fevers, infection, or on sunburned skin If you arrive late for your class, this will shorten your processing time so that other guests do not stay delayed • Cancellations and rebookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance booked hour, otherwise partial or full charge Towel is included in spa treatment, not included in sun, bath or sauna

Source: Nordfjord


Carola Buaspa og Sol

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